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Each Builders Pack contains:

  • Over $2841 US/$3992 CAD value for only $1800 US/$2600 CAD
  • Instantly become a Director – maximize your commissions!
  • Receive a 20% rebate on all personal wholesale purchases*
  • Receive 8 VIP Packs (2 each of Wellness, Weight Loss, Energy & Immune Support)
  • Receive two 50-packs of 10 Days of Chocolate Slim Shake Samples
  • Receive two 50-packs of Triple FX Samples
  • Receive one 50-pack of Microhydrin Plus Samples
  • Receive one 50-pack of Immune 360 Samples
  • Receive two 50-packs of MicroBrite Samples
  • Receive 50 catalogs
  • Receive 100 Build Your Dreams DVDs
  • Receive 100 Improving Your Health CDs
  • Free Associate Kit
  • Free websites, plus a free one year subscription to BizTech (normally $180 US)

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