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C7 Pro Pack

This contains:

  • C7000: C7 Age Defying Collections (2)
  • Associate Kit
  • Free ground shipping


Wellness Pro Pack

3 Wellness VIP Packs

Each Wellness VIP Pack contains:

  • 24Seven Life Essentials - the core supplemental fuel that your body needs 24 hours a day
  • HydraCel (4oz) – help to enhance hydration and nutrient absorption  
  • Microhydrin Plus (60) – powerful, broad spectrum antioxidant to delay the signs of aging
  • Associate Kit
  • Free ground shipping


Immune Support Pro Pack
3 Immune Support VIP Packs

Each Immune Support VIP Pack contains:
  • Microhydrin Plus (60-count)
  • Immune 360
  • Digestion Formula
  • Sango Coral Calcium
  • IQ
  • Associate Kit
  • Free ground shipping

Weight Loss Pro Pack
3 Weight Loss VIP Packs

Each Weight Loss VIP Pack contains:

  • Two - 10 Days of Chocolate® Weight Loss System
  • Associate Kit
  • Free ground shipping

Energy Pro Pack
3 Energy VIP Packs

Each Energy VIP Pack contains:

  • 5 Boxes of Triple FX – energy drink that provides energy, focus and endurance
  • Associate Kit
  • Free ground shipping

Variety Pro Pack
  • 1 Weight Loss VIP Pack (see above for contents)
  • 1 Energy VIP Pack (see above for contents)
  • 1 Wellness VIP Pack (see above for contents)
  • 1 Immune Support VIP Pack (see above for contents) 
  • Associate Kit
  • Free ground shipping

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