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Item Code: 154426

Key Benefits:

This revolutionary product helps rid your body of toxins and free radicals like no other nutritional supplement in the world! It is the most powerful antioxidant ever measured with the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) meter. Microhydrin® also restores energy to your body. Each time you consume a capsule of Microhydrin®, powerful things are happening to improve your overall health.

Retail Price: $471.45



"For 20 years I have conducted research on antioxidants. After comparing New Microhydrin® made by RBC, to the original silica hydride, I prefer RBC’s new Microhydrin®.

However, to fight different free radicals, you need different antioxidants, as in Microhydrin® Plus. As these antioxidants lose electrons to free radicals, some are recharged with new electrons from Microhydrin®. It is like a high voltage power source.

For my personal use, each day I take two Microhydrin® and two Microhydrin® Plus.”

- Dennis Higgins, M.D.

This revolutionary product helps rid your body of toxins and free radicals like no other nutritional supplement in the world! It is the most powerful antioxidant ever measured with the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) meter. Microhydrin®also restores energy to your body. Each time you consume a capsule of Microhydrin®, powerful things are happening to improve your overall health. With Microhydrin®, you can:
  • Protect your body from free radical damage
  • Achieve a healthy biological terrain
  • Increase hydration of your cells 
  • Have abundant energy with a no-calorie product
  • Improve your cellular communication
  • Absorb more oxygen and nutrients
  • Reduce soreness and fatigue after exercise

Antioxidant Activity

Microhydrin has been proven to be an incredibly potent antioxidant. A double-blind crossover study has shown that Microhydrin protects the body from free radical damage. While on a regimen of four capsules of Microhydrin a day for two weeks, subjects showed a 43% increase in free radical protection as compared to the placebo group. Further studies revealed that Microhydrin has the ability to scavenge the superoxide radical and hydroxyl radical, the most dangerous of oxygen free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable toxic compounds generated by everyday metabolic processes. Although the presence of these compounds is normal, poor eating habits, pollution, stress and other factors have led to a dangerous increase in the number of free radicals created by our bodies. An unhealthy diet, full of processed foods high in fat or sugar, toxins in the air we breathe and present-day stresses all lead to an increase in free radical production.

Free radicals, created through oxidation, are compounds that have lost an electron. They travel through the body, stealing electrons from vital tissues. Normal, healthy cells are damaged as molecules are forced to surrender their electrons to a free radical. This can impair the intracellular DNA and RNA, cell membranes and numerous other important molecules in the cellular environment. Damage caused by free radicals is closely linked to many degenerative diseases. Consumption of antioxidants may play a role in supporting respiratory, heart and age-related conditions.

Each capsule of Microhydrin contains 250 mg of nanocolloidal silicate mineral, a compound of silica and hydrogen anions that contain loosely bound extra electrons. The extra electron is freely given to neutralize free radicals, rendering them harmless. Microhydrin is unique because hydrogen, being the smallest element, can provide trillions of these electrons in each capsule.

Your Biological Terrain

With the proper biological terrain, the body can exercise its amazing capacity to restore itself. One component of a healthy terrain is pH balance. A pre-clinical trial showed that in eight patients, saliva pH and urine pH both showed improvement over a period of 18 days supplementing with four capsules of Microhydrin per day.

Cellular Hydration

A double-blind placebo controlled study was conducted on eight patients receiving four capsules of Microhydrin per day for two weeks and then crossed over receiving four capsules per day of a placebo for two weeks. This study showed that while on the Microhydrin supplement, both extracellular and intracellular hydration improved. Extracellular water is the fluid that bathes the cells and intracellular water is the fluid inside the cell. These are both indicators of cell integrity.

Energy Production

We all know that our bodies need an adequate supply of oxygen to survive; however, few people realize the important role that hydrogen plays in our health. Oxygen burns hydrogen, producing energy to fuel the living system. Hydrogen and oxygen combine to produce ATP, the energy molecule that brings life to every cell in your body. ATP production is dependent on the production of NADH.

An in-vivo study has shown that Microhydrin can reduce NAD+, producing NADH. NADH carries hydrogen into the mitochondria of the cell for use in the electron transport chain. The reactions that take place at this point ultimately create water and ATP. This is why athletes and other customers have reported a noticeable increase in energy when consuming Microhydrin.

Cellular Communication

The billions of cells in our bodies must communicate with each other to maintain life. This intricate system of communication takes place through electrons. Electrons cannot move in the body without hydrogen (Albert Szent-Gyorgyi). Microhydrin provides an abundant supply of negatively charged hydrogen ions, giving your body the electrons it needs to keep communication flowing at the cellular level.

Nutrient Absorption

One capsule of Microhydrin in a glass of water reduces the surface tension of the water from 73 dynes to 45 dynes. This gives ordinary water the same surface tension as normal, healthy extracellular fluid. This is important because when the water you drink becomes more like your extracellular fluid, your body’s ability to absorb nutrients is greatly improved. Your cells are constantly taking in nutrients for use and flushing out toxins for elimination. Proper surface tension greatly enhances the efficiency of these cellular reactions. Testimonials also indicate that Microhydrin may play a substantial role in increasing cellular absorption of oxygen. Mountain climbers who consume Microhydrin have reported reaching record heights without the use of supplemental oxygen. 

Reduce Lactic Acid

A clinical study reported in the fall 2001 issue of The Journal of Medicinal Food has shown that lactic acid was reduced 50% during strenuous exercise in athletes who took Microhydrin. Lactic acid is a natural compound produced in the muscles during exercise. When it accumulates to high levels it can cause painful muscle cramps, sore muscles the next day and can prolong recovery time between workouts. Microhydrin can benefit anyone who works out or participates in endurance sports by providing energy to the cells and reducing lactic acid build-up.


Microhydrin consists of safe, natural source minerals. Once Microhydrin is consumed, it releases negatively charged hydrogen ions, normally found in fresh organic fruits and vegetables, to provide the life energy that is not provided by our modern diets. Our bodies need these electrons to function properly on the cellular level and to maintain a healthy biological terrain.

Acute oral toxicity tests performed by an independent laboratory show safety up to 5 gm/kg of body weight. This is far above the suggested dosage, indicating that Microhydrin is an extremely safe substance. If you experience any undesirable side effects, please discontinue using the product. If you have any existing health conditions or are taking any prescription medication, please consult your physician before taking this supplement.


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