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RBC Life Sciences products are backed by science, recommended by doctors,
and consumed by people who want to live longer, healthier lives.

RBC Featured Products


Microhydrin® Plus™

Fight free radical
damage and have more energy


10 Days of Chocolate®

This weight loss system provides rich, chocolatey taste with health benefits


Life Essentials®

The ultimate nutritional supplement

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Immune 360™

Build your circle of defense with this immune support formula


Coral Calcium

Enjoy the benefits of coral minerals in a pure and highly bioavailable form.


Triple FX®

A powerful drink to enhance your energy, focus and endurance

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Nourish your brain,
eyes and heart with this omega-3 fatty acid


Over 30

Support the strength and integrity of your blood vessels and arteries

  MSM with Microhydrin®

Support healthy
joints and mobility
with organic sulfur

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Whitens teeth with an alkaline pH and antioxidant action


Digestion Formula 

Powerful enzyme and probiotic blend to enhance your digestion  


Spirulina NanoClusters®

A cleansing and nutrient-rich green food for optimum health

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Reach your weight loss goal and reduce  cravings naturally.



Vanilla Slim Shake™

This rich vanilla shake provides the protein and nutrients you need to lose weight.



Alkalinize your drinking water and neutralize chlorine with these liquid drops.

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Product FAQ's

At RBC Life Sciences, we believe you deserve the very best in nutritional and personal care products. That is why we carefully research our ingredients and create formulas with the help of doctors and scientists who have a reputation for excellence. Our products are backed by years of scientific research that demonstrate their safety and effectiveness.

A growing number of doctors and health care professionals from around the world count on RBC for the nutritional products they need to help their patients achieve optimum health. They know the reputation of RBC Life Sciences to provide only the purest, most beneficial products, and they would settle for nothing less.

Every day thousands of people turn to RBC Life Sciences because they want to enjoy their life for many years to come. They realize that their health is not something to take for granted. We understand that these products may hold the key to enhancing your health and improving your quality of life, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

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