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The Allure of Chocolate…   For centuries, we have had a love affair with the rich, delicious taste of chocolate. It represents love, comfort, romance and almost sinful indulgence. But do we really have to resist our instinctual desire for the sweet taste of cocoa? Not with 10 Days of Chocolate® ! This weight loss system provides ample doses of the rich, chocolatey taste we crave and you can relish it with every pound that falls off.  

 Yes, that's right, you don't have to feel guilty for giving in to your desires because the cocoa found in the 10 Days of Chocolate® Slim Shake will satisfy your chocolate cravings. With 10 Days of Chocolate®, you can reap the health benefits of cocoa and savor every sweet moment while reaching your weight loss goals.

You aren't dreaming...you've just entered a new world of indulgent dieting!

Chocolate Slim Shake

This rich, delicious chocolate
shake provides the high quality
protein and nutrients you need
to lose weight.


An ephedra-free blend
of energy boosting herbs
to help you burn unwanted
fat and calories.


Digestion Formula
Get more nutrients from
your foods with this
blend of powerful enzymes
and probiotics.

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“I have lost 36 lbs. in 30 days. Carla has lost 20 lbs. in 24 days. Since we love this Chocolate so much, it made it so easy to stick with the program. Plus we are saving tons of money on our meals!”

Al and Carla Eich


“I lost 14 pounds in a month…
and 16 inches!”

Barb from British Columbia



“I lost 6 pounds in 5 days - After 6 weeks, I've lost 12 pounds & 6% body fat!”

Sylvia from Utah



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