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Triple FX
For energy, focus
and endurance.

We all want more energy - something to get us through the next workout or stay alert for the mid-afternoon slump at work, or maybe we just need to focus a little more clearly on the task at hand. If only there was a safe, healthy way to get an energy boost, a focus activator and a little more endurance to get through your workout.
What People Are Saying About Triple FX! 

"I'm always looking for an extra boost... extra energy that helps me focus... I thought Triple FX was awesome."

- Eryn

"Keeps you going when the day's not over..."


"I feel great, I'm not tired, I have this new found energy..I love it..."


Triple FX® goes beyond your ordinary energy drink. This cutting-edge formula not only gives you the long-lasting energy and endurance you need, but it also enhances your ability to focus and concentrate.

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What Professionals Are Saying

"Triple FX gave me the energy for a full 2 1/2 hour workout!"

-Ivory "Papoose" Turner,
Professional Bodybuilder
"I have personally used Triple FX before my workouts and felt a definite energy boost."

-Leonard Smith, M.D.
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