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Nanotechnology -
The Science Behind
Better Supplements

A technological revolution
that will irreversibly alter
the way people live and work.

Nanotechnology is the new frontier currently being featured in many magazines and touted as the opportunity for a better tomorrow.

Rice University recognized the potential of Nanotechnology and built a $30 million building establishing The Center for Science and Nanoscale Technology. An alumnus of Rice University, RBC Life Sciences's founder and President Dr. Clinton Howard, is a member of the Rice Alliance for Technology And Entrepreneurship.

What is all the excitement about?

What is nanotechnology?

A nanometer is one billionth of a meter, the width of six hydrogen atoms, or about 100,000th the size of a single grain of sand! Nanotechnology involves the manufacture and manipulation of molecules from 1-100 nanometers in size.

"Nanotechnology has given us the tools... to play WITH the ultimate toy box of nature-atoms and molecules...The POSSIBILITIES to create new things appear to be LIMITLESS."

Horst Stormer,
Columbia University,
Nobel laureate.

"...four of the defining technologies of the 21st century will be nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and environmental science...the potential both for improving the quality and increasing the length of life has never been greater."

Malcom Gillis,
Rice University.

"If I were asked for an area of science and engineering that will most likely produce the breakthroughs of tomorrow, I would point to nanoscale science and engineering."

Neal Lane, Assistant to President
George Bush
Science and Technology

NanoCeuticals Today Newsletter

2005 Issues

By 2010, half of all drugs will be made with nanotechnology...

- The National Science Foundation

If I were just setting out today to make that drive to the West Coast to start a new business, I would be looking at biotechnology and nanotechnology.

- Jeff Bezos
Founder of Amazon.com

This is bigger than the internet and more far-reaching. It will create vast new wealth.

- Josh Wolfe

The total market impact of nanotechnology will reach $1 trillion by 2005.

- The National Science Foundation

RBC Leads Nanotechnology to NanoCeuticals™

RBC Life Sciences®, utilizing the incredible new nanotechnology, developed a new line of nutritional and skincare supplements called NanoCeuticals.™

NanoCeuticals™, with nanoscale ingredients, allow RBC to create products that:

  • Scavenge more free radicals
  • Stimulate the source of energy
  • Increase hydration
  • Balance the body’s pH
  • Reduce lactic acid during exercise
  • Reduce the surface tension of foods and supplements to increase wetness and absorption of nutrients

R&D; Scientists at RBC also developed NanoClustersTM, a nanosize powder that combines with nutritional supplements. When consumed, it reduces the surface tension of foods and supplements to increase wetness and absorption of nutrients.


Dr. Phelps developed a unique process to manufacture a new and more effective Microhydrin®. It consists of molecular cages, 1-5 nanometers in diameter, made from a silica-mineral hydride complex. On exposure to moisture it releases H- ions, and becomes an antioxidant dietary supplement. It has been shown in independent studies by scientists at major universities to be even more effective than the previous silica hydride in providing its many functions and benefits.
1. Scavenge Free Radicals: New Microhydrin scavenges even more of the dangerous free radicals--the reason you take antioxidants. In tests at the University of Colorado Health Science Center, new Microhydrin® was shown to provide 828% higher ORAC (scavenging of free radicals) than the previous silica hydride not manufactured by RBC.

2. Stimulates The Source Of Energy: NADH is the precursor of ATP, your source of energy. New Microhydrin was shown in an independent university study, to reduce NAD to NADH seven times stronger than the previous silica hydride not manufactured by RBC.

3. Increases Hydration: Microhydrin has been shown in a double-blind controlled clinical study to increase cellular and extra cellular hydration and total body water.

4. Reduces Lactic Acid During Exercise: New Microhydrin was shown in a university study to reduce the levels of lactic acid during strenuous exercise.


The RBC Team of Scientists has also created a liquid water treatment called HydraCelTM.
It further reduces surface tension of liquids, increases alkalinity, and converts chlorine in water to a non-toxic form to make a healthier drink.

Microhydrin® Plus

All antioxidants scavenge free radicals. They should also provide electrons for energy. To accomplish these goals even more effectively, the R&D; team at RBC created, a broad spectrum of Microhydrin plus eight additional water-based and oil-based antioxidants. An independent laboratory conducted the most accepted antioxidant test, ORAC. Test results showed that the new formula of Microhydrin® Plus was 126 times more effective than the previous form of silica hydride not manufactured by RBC.

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