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How Does the Peroxyl Radical Damage Cells?

Clinical Effects of a Dietary Antioxidant Silicate Supplement, Microhydrin®, on Cardiovascular Responses to Exercise

Abstracts of Evaluation Studies of Microhydrin®  A Functional Silicate Nanocolloid

Biological Terrain Assessment Results of 14 Subjects Before and After Testing with a Supplement Containing Silicon Bonded To Reduced Hydrogen Ions

A Silicate Mineral Supplement, Microhydrin, Traps Reduced Hydrogen Providing In Vitro Biological Antioxidant Properties

Question & Answers


Medical University Study Showed Microhydrin® PlusTM is Highly Protective of Brain Cells in Vitro Against Oxidative Damage 

What is so special about the Microhydrin Plus Formula?


BioShape with Super Citrimax Full StrengthTM

Mechanism of Appetite Suppression by a Novel, Natural Hydroxycitric Acid

International Scientific Conference on Complementary, Alternative & Integrative Medicine Research
Effects of Hydroxycitric Acid on Weight Loss, Body Mass Index and Plasma Leptin Levels in Human Subjects
Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Method to Quantify Blood Hydroxycitrate Concentration

TruAloeTM & Aloemannan

Clinical Study Shows Aloe Vera Helps Absorption and Bioavailability of Vitamin C and Vitamin E


Would you like to take a natural plant supplement that provides one serving of protein without the saturated fat content of ½ lb of meat, is easily digestible and provides practically all the vitamins and minerals you need daily?

MSM with Nanoclusters

Would you like to take a product that could relieve your joint and neck soreness and give you softer skin?

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