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Item Code: 1805

Key Benefits:

Power your workout with the world's most nutritious amino acid supplement. Protivity™ has been newly reformulated to contain a blend of essential and conditionally essential amino acids to help you build muscle. This blend of amino acids is 99% absorbed by your body for the ultimate in protein nourishment.

Retail Price: $72.45



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Power your workout with the world's most nutritious amino acid supplement. Protivity has been formulated to contain an ideal blend of essential and conditionally essential amino acids to form healthy protein and help you build muscle. This blend of amino acids is 99% absorbed by your body for the ultimate in protein nourishment. Benefits of Protivity include:

  • Naturally increases muscle size and strength with exercise*
  • Minimizes unwanted body fat*
  • Pre-workout amino acids absorbed in 20 minutes
  • Formulated based on recent research

Build Muscle Naturally

Amino acids are the molecular building blocks of protein and muscle tissue. All the physiological processes relating to sport - energy, recovery, muscle/strength gains and fat loss, as well as mood and brain function - are critically linked to amino acids.

Anyone who wants to gain muscular strength must consume adequate protein or amino acids and exercise to build that muscle. This is true for a body builder, a casual weight lifter, or someone who simply does not want to lose strength as they age.

Protivity provides more muscle-building amino acids than other amino acid products, which means you can have greater strength and endurance to reach your workout goals. If you have ever felt that your workout efforts were not giving you the results you want, then Protivity is the product for you. You will see greater muscle gains from each workout, and a reduction of unwanted body fat. Your recovery time will be reduced because your muscles are getting the fuel they need to quickly rebuild themselves.*

The Ideal Pre-Workout Protein

Serious body builders know that an adequate supply of amino acids must be available to their muscles if they want to get the most out of their workout. And we all know how it feels to begin a workout and discover that we don't have the energy to reach our goals. Previously, the solution was to eat a snack or drink a protein shake right before a workout. But then you may feel too full to workout. So what do you do?

Protivity is the perfect solution. It contains the amino acids your body needs to support your workout.* It has absolutely no calories, no fat and it is completely absorbed in 20 minutes. Simply take Protivity 20 minutes before you workout for the amino acids you need to tone, firm and build the sculpted body you've always wanted.

How Protivity Has Improved

We consulted with nationally recognized amino acid scientists who have published the latest amino acid research in order to give you a more effective muscle-building product. They confirmed that there are nine essential amino acids, not just eight as earlier research indicated. The ninth essential amino acid, histidine, has been shown to enhance protein synthesis in the body.* These amino acids are termed essential because we must obtain them from our diet. To ensure that you benefit from histidine, we have added it to Protivity.

Recent studies are also showing that there are two other amino acids, Arginine and Glutamine, that can significantly impact health and bodybuilding.* They are called conditionally essential because under certain circumstances the body cannot produce as much as it needs, so supplementation becomes necessary. One of these conditions is exercise.

Protivity now contains eleven important amino acids in a form that is 99% absorbed. They go to work within 20 minutes to firm and strengthen your muscles as you work out.*

*Not available for sale in Canada 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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