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USD $38.75 #1530

Supplemental Facts



Click to view the Sango Coral Calcium video - Broadband
The ocean has provided us with the perfect blend of essential minerals locked inside its delicate coral reefs. These minerals are vital to the thousands of enzymatic reactions that take place in our bodies every day, so they can impact our health in an endless number of ways.*
RBC’s Sango Coral Calcium brings you the many benefits of coral minerals in a pure and highly bioavailable form. Marine coral contains nature’s perfect balance of minerals, similar to the composition of the human body. Marine coral also enhances the health of your drinking water, which is why RBC’s Sango Coral Calcium has been placed in convenient sachets. One sachet added to 1 or 2 quarts of drinking water will increase the alkalinity of your water, which is much healthier for the body.
RBC scientists bring you the most pure and effective coral calcium product on the market today. RBC's coral is approved for human consumption by the Japanese government. Strict guidelines are in place to protect the environmental safety of living coral and coral reefs.
RBC’s marine coral is free of heavy metals and contaminants, giving you a completely pure mineral supplement. RBC's coral is genuine coral, not limestone. It is processed in Japan under strict regulations to assure its specifications as a true coral calcium supplement.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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