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Clinical Study Shows Aloe Vera Helps Absorption
and Bioavailability of Vitamin C and Vitamin E
Kimberly Lloyd M.S. and Clinton Howard Ph.D.

Vitamin E is poorly absorbed when taken alone unless it is taken with dietary fats.2 However, when a 400 mg capsule was taken with 2 oz. of aloe in a clinical trial, bioavailability was improved by 1100%.3 Two ounces of aloe vera gel kept the plasma vitamin E concentration higher in 11 subjects for up to 24 hours, much better than the control group that received no aloe vera.

The study indicates that quality liquid aloe vera gel preparations such as TRUAloe, produced by RBC, can greatly improve the absorption of both a water and a fat-soluble vitamin. “This is of great significance and a potential health benefit to the population at large.”3 Pure aloe gel as prepared for TRUAloe showed much better vitamin absorption than the whole leaf preparation.

A recent clinical trial conducted at Scranton University by Dr. Joe Vinson has shown that aloe vera gel enhanced the bioavailability of Vitamin C by 170%. Eight subjects took 2 oz. of aloe gel while taking a 500 mg tablet of vitamin C. Blood samples were drawn over a period of time up to 24 hours. A review of the literature shows that aloe is only the second matrix that improves ascorbic acid absorption, the first being a citrus extract.1


American Medical Association Publishes
Studies on Necessity of Multivitamins

Recently the Journal of the American Medical Association reviewed 30 years of research on the effectiveness of vitamins. The authors from Harvard University concluded that every American should take a supplemental vitamin that assures adequate amounts of vitamins especially folic acid, B-vitamins, C and E.4 Adequate amounts of these vitamins are linked to improved cardiovascular health, higher bone density, and age related memory function.4,5 When vitamins were first isolated in the 1950’s, they were named vital amines because researchers realized that deficiency conditions occured if diets were low in these nutrients. Now we understand that higher levels of some vitamins can be protective as well as maintain health.

RBC has two comprehensive daily vitamin/mineral combinations, either of which offers a broad spectrum of essential vitamins:

  1. Omega Boost One provides a month’s supply of one of the best daily combinations available. It also provides optimum calcium and magnesium requirements.
  2. A box of Program One provides a month’s supply of daily vitamin/mineral supplements in convenient roll out packets that can be carried in pockets or purses.

RBC Life Sciences provides the highest quality multivitamins to protect your health. Our products meet or exceed the recommendations given by the American Medical Association. In addition, we provide TRUAloe aloe vera juice drink, which has now been shown to enhance absorption of two important vitamins.

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