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Anti Aging


General Health 



I am 66 years of age today, I feel like I am in my early fifties...

- Milan Packovich, M.D.
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I have been able to comfortably get out of bed in the morning and, for the first time in four years...

- Skip Lowe
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I had lost touch with what energy and aliveness felt like...

- Jenny Bangert
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Weight Loss:


I have lost 36 lbs. in 30 days. Carla has lost 20 lbs. in 24 days. Since we love this Chocolate so much, it made it so easy to stick with the program. Plus we are saving tons of money on our meals!

- Al and Carla Eich


I lost 6 pounds in 5 days - After 6 weeks, I've lost 12 pounds & 6% body fat!

- Sylvia from Utah

I dropped 6 dress sizes, 53 lbs, 22 inches and entered The Ms. Galaxy Contest!

- Melodie Janis
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  11 year old Jordaen lost 6” in his waist, 40 lbs… and regained his self-esteem...

- Jordaen


Sports & Fitness:


I consistently took Microhydrin® to give me the energy to make it through multiple daily heats. When I needed an extra boost of strength and energy… I used the Power Pack.

- Casey Cruciano
Wins Men's US Surfing Championship.
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After taking Microhydrin I set a new world record.



- Tatyana Pozdnyakova
Professional marathon runner

Before my departure for the Himalayan Mountains, I began taking Microhydrin...

- Denis Brown M.D., mountain climber Ascended Mt. Everest without aid of bottled oxygen

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Microhydrin helps me run stronger longer!

- Andrey Kuznetsov,
Boston Marathon Masters Winner, 2 years in a row

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I lost 11 lbs and 2% body fat in 10 days on 10 days of chocolate.
Normally while preparing for a body building competition I get weak if I lose weight, but on 10 Days of Chocolate I lost weight and had lots of energy.

- Ivory from Maryland
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I immediately noticed a difference in my workouts and overall health.



- Grand Master Bong Soo Han
Martial Arts Expert





Our RBC business provides my wife Jodi and I with an income many would envy, and in May we bought a new home and all new furniture!


- T. Thompson


At the time when RBC Life Sciences came into my life, I was tired of trading hours for money. I wanted to build an asset that generates an income even when I am not there. Since joining RBC, I have done just that.

- J. Hough

Where else can I make $10,000 a month and stay at home with my kids...

- T. Newel


I have made a 6 figure income every year for over 10 years!

- L. Leonard

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