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Transformation Contest Grand Prize Winner!

Melodie Janis has won $5,000!



Imagine dedicating 6 months to eating healthy, exercising and taking quality nutritional products in an effort to transform your body and reach your goals. It takes determination, motivation and a lot of hard work...but WOW, what a payoff! Our Grand Prize winner, Melodie Janis, has done just that, and she not only gets to reap the rewards of a healthier body, but she has won $5,000!

In 6 months, Melodie has changed her body and changed her life. At the age of 50, Melodie is reaching goals that could bring envy from women half her age. After losing 53 pounds and over 22 inches using BioShape™, Protivity™, Microhydrin®, Spirulina and other RBC products, Melodie has a new life and a new mission...to be a role model to women in her age group who want to change their bodies.

After transforming her body, Melodie competed in the Ms. Galaxy contest. As you can see in the photo below, she was placed front and center among the contestants. After shying away from a bikini for over a decade, Melodie gained the confidence to show off her new figure on stage in front of hundreds of applauding audience members and judges. The following weekend, she competed in a local figure contest called the Gold Cup Classic.

Melodie has truly transformed herself during this contest and we congratulate her on this outstanding achievement. She is an inspiration to all women.

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