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Digestion is your body's top priority. Other processes including the immune system, energy production and even brain function all wait while your body digests food. When digestion is functioning properly, food is broken down and nutrients are made available without undue stress on the body. For more than 70 million Americans, digestion does not occur this smoothly. 

The Problem

Due to the way our foods are grown and processed, toxins in the environment and emotional factors like stress and anger, digestion can be an internal battleground. Many people in our society experience regular digestive problems; including symptoms of bloating and gas, diarrhea, stomach cramps and even more severe digestive complications. 

Often, these problems are a sign of low enzyme production. Enzymes are critical to digestion and energy production. Nothing in the body works without enzymes, yet many people are deficient in these vital molecules. Cooked and processed foods, stress and alcohol are among the most serious threats to our enzyme supply. Raw foods contain enzymes that enhance digestion. However, the cooked foods that make up the majority of our modern diet contain few enzymes, so your body must draw from its limited supply.*

As this supply is depleted, your body relies on metabolic enzymes to accomplish digestion. When this occurs, other bodily processes are compromised. Low energy, poor health and rapid aging are often some of the many consequences of enzyme depletion.*

The Solution 

Enzyme supplementation has been heralded as the way to avoid countless health concerns.* However, many enzyme supplements fail to address the full scope of the problem and don’t supply what is needed to replenish the enzyme stores.

The new and improved Digestion Formula from Royal BodyCare is a totally unique, health-promoting way to achieve nutritional digestive support. It contains the full complex of necessary enzymes. Enzymes are very specific, meaning certain kinds of enzymes work on different foods. For example, the enzyme protease catalyzes the breakdown of proteins. Our formula also includes the enzyme peptidase to complete the process by breaking down peptides into useable amino acids. Peptidase can also help in the digestion of a wheat protein called gluten. Gluten causes digestive problems for many people when it is not broken down properly.*

The enzyme amylase breaks down carbohydrates to disaccharides. Along with amylase, RBC has included the needed lactase, invertase and maltase to complete the process, digesting the disaccharides into the simple sugars the body can use. The enzyme cellulase has been added to assist the body in digesting fiber. Fiber can often bind minerals and make them unavailable for use. By partially digesting fiber with cellulase, you can enhance your body’s absorption of vital minerals. Lipase accomplishes the tasks of breaking down fat to free fatty acids that the body needs and enhancing your absorption of fat soluable vitamins.*

Another enzyme in Digestion Formula, alpha galactosidase, is an innovative addition to this product. Until recently, this was a patented ingredient and was not available for general use. It has been proven to successfully help the body deal with indigestion and gas caused by foods such as beans, cabbage and other vegetables.*

The new and improved Digestion Formula contains bromelain, which is a mixture of enzymes from pineapple. Bromelian contains several enzymes for the digestion of protein and it has been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. Papain has also been added to Digestion Formula for broader support in digesting proteins. Papain is a blend of enzymes derived from the papaya fruit and it has been used since the 1880’s for treating digestive disorders.*

Intestinal Health

With its full spectrum of enzymes, Digestion Formula is one of the most complete digestive aids on the market. But there’s more. We have included additional nutrients to ensure complete support of the intestinal environment. A healthy intestine contains bacteria to help complete the digestive process, eliminate toxins and produce more enzymes.*

In case your own intestinal flora have been made vulnerable by poor eating habits, Royal BodyCare has included five hundred million strains of friendly bacteria in each capsule of Digestion Formula. These probiotics are naturally found in the digestive systems of healthy individuals. They play several valuable roles in the body by improving digestion and defending the body against more harmful types of bacteria.* 

Now with even more enzymes, Digestion Formula takes a total look at digestive health, providing the enzymes and friendly bacteria that will support the body through all stages of digestion.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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