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RBC’s Andrey Wins Boston Marathon

BOSTON – Andrey Kuznetsov has claimed the Master’s Division top spot in the Boston Marathon for the second year in a row. The Russian runner not only beat his 1998 time of 2:15:26 to finish this year at 2:14:19. He also moved from 15th place overall in ‘98 to finish 7th out of 12,797 runners in the second largest turn-out in Boston Marathon history.

Andrey’s SuperFoods Program

Before Training: Microhydrin 2 capsules,
1 capsule in water

After Training:
Smoothie with Spirulina, Tru Aloe, and Formula One™, plus First Food, Power Pack, MagiCal™, Stress Pack, Green Gold, Vitamin E Clusters

Evening: Microhydrin 2 capsules, 1 capsule in water

He was introduced to RBC Super Foods by his coach Ilia Kondratiev, M.D. and RBC’s Medical Director, Leonard Smith, M.D. Since then, his time has improved three minutes from his win in Brazil in 1997 – even though he is now two years older.

This marathon champ crossed the line wearing the RBC and Microhydrin logo with the slogan Run stronger, longer™ that captures the benefits of Microhydrin – energy and endurance!

Microhydrin powered Andrey Kuznetsov is shown competing in the Azalea Run.


Andrey told Clinton Howard, CEO of RBC Life Sciences, that he believes Microhydrin provides his body with more oxygen, helps in his recovery time and enables his blood to pump more cleanly. According to Dr. Smith, when he went to the recovery area after the Marathon he saw runners collapsed on stretchers everywhere but not Andrey. He was standing around, looking as if he had just been out for a jog!

Thanks to Andrey’s inspiring story, RBC Members can show athletes in every sport how Microhydrin and other RBC Life Sciences Super Foods, can help them compete stronger, longer! We are proud to be the official sponsor of Andrey Kuznetsov. We look forward to his next race.

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