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Most of us want to slow down the perils of aging. No one wants to age poorly.  Yet, we are:

  • consuming more empty calories, providing our cells with less nutrition
  • putting ourselves under more and more daily stress
  • drinking more water while consuming more impurities 

We need help. The Wellness VIP Pack is the first step to fortifying ourselves against the challenges of aging:



24Seven Life Essentials provides us with nutrition throughout the day. It contains 75 source ingredients, 35 trace elements, multiple antioxidants, the healing powers of aloe vera, spirulina - one of nature’s most nutritious foods, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, grapes, broccoli, kale, spinach, legendary herbs and the revolutionary RBC NanoClusters™.


Microhydrin neutralizes dangerous free radicals which can cause damage to the body including the weakening of cell reproduction and aging prematurely.


HydraCel neutralizes chlorine in water and improves hydration.


We do have to get older, but we can do it in a healthy way. Arm yourself with the Wellness VIP Pack to take on the perils of aging.

throughout the day
24Seven Life Essentials

free radicals
Microhydrin Plus

Improves hydration HydraCel

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"There is now abundant evidence in peer reviewed medical journals regarding the value of taking a good multivitamin, mineral, and antioxidant product. Taking 24Seven Life Essentials three times daily as recommended would be very beneficial for anyone wanting to improve or maintain their health."

- Leonard Smith, M.D


“After I began taking Microhydrin my energy was better, my well being was better and I had more endurance. Although I am 66 years of age today, I feel like I am in my early fifties!

"Do we need nutritional supplements? Yes! Our food has been nutritionally depleted… If you rely on your food alone for your total nutritional needs…we are going to miss you…

“It takes 10,000 glasses of orange juice to equal the antioxidant power of 1 Microhyrin capsule.”

- Milan Packovich, M.D.

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