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Driven to Succeed with the RBC Car Bonus!
Drive your dream car with the generous RBC Car Bonus Program.

* Car Bonus * Car Bonus begins on 3rd consecutive month of earning at least $2,500 US from the Income Generator.
$2,500 Bonus Check = $250
$5,000 Bonus Check = $500
$7,500 Bonus Check = $750
$10,000 Bonus Check = $1,000
All amounts are listed in U.S. Dollars.

“RBC Life Sciences's compensation plan rewards us in so many lucrative ways. One of my favorite bonuses is the car bonus I receive every month! I actually get two car bonuses each month which allowed me to purchase a Mercedes Benz E320 and a Lincoln Navigator. You can drive the vehicle of your dreams with the RBC Life Sciences car bonus!”

Johnny, North Carolina

“One of my first goals when I joined RBC Life Sciences was to qualify for the Car Bonus. RBC's Car Bonus is unique in that you have control over leasing or buying and what kind of vehicle you choose, which is quite different than other companies. I have qualified monthly for over 6 years.”

June, South Carolina

“The RBC Car Bonus has provided a tremendous additional income stream for our business over many years. Thanks RBC Life Sciences.”

Cassy & Pope, Alabama

“The RBC Car Bonus has been very good to us. It allowed us to buy this wonderful car and to now have it completely paid for. It can’t be any better than that.”

Ron, Washington

“We love driving nice cars as we work our RBC business. The best part is that our company pays for them for us. Thanks RBC.”

Linda & Paul, Virgina

“For four years I was driving a leased car and I thought that I couldn't afford the vehicle I really wanted---a big Chevy Suburban truck (to haul my big dogs around, as well as all the things I haul back and forth every weekend from my north woods lake place).

I decided that if I committed to the goal of earning the RBC Car Bonus every single month, I could afford the truck I really wanted. It worked! I did qualify for the Car Bonus every single month, and now three years later, I just sent in the last payment on my Suburban. I not only got the vehicle I wanted, but it is now totally paid for. Thanks RBC.”

Pam, Minnesota

“As a Recycled Teenager I especially appreciate the luxury of driving a new car. The RBC Life Sciences Car Bonus money to lease our cars has indeed been a blessing we have enjoyed for the past 8 years. We look forward to many more years of earning the Car Bonus.”

Marliss, California

“The RBC Car Bonus has enabled us to get a vehicle that is just right for our busy family without the worry of making the monthly payments.”

Ron, Vancover, BC

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