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Forever Slim™

Once you have jump started your weight loss with 10 Days of Chocolate®, a whole new world of opportunities become available to you. Many choose to repeat the 10 Days of Chocolate and lose more weight. Others choose to use the Slim Shake® as a daily meal replacement, while others graduate to additional RBC products. See the Forever Slim GOOD, BETTER and BEST plans whether you are interested in maintaining, losing more or building muscle.

For Variety Try Our Vanilla Slim Shake
Now, the Slim Shake comes in a new Vanilla flavor. It is the same nutritious Slim Shake that has helped so many people lose weight the same nutritional balance, the same 17 grams of protein, and the same low carbs, low fat and low calories as 10 Days of Chocolate. Try it straight or with fresh fruits. Discover for yourself why Slim Shake is the best tasting low carb, high protein, vitamin and calcium-rich drink available on the market today.

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You can lose weight and keep it off with BioShape! This breakthrough product can help you reach your weight loss goals by curbing your appetite, reducing your cravings for sweets and accelerating your natural fat burning processes without stimulants or artificial ingredients.*

BioShape is scientifically backed and proven to work on people just like you. It combines well researched herbs with amino acids to help you increase lean muscle while you lose unwanted fat. It also includes the most optimally absorbed form of chromium for the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels.*

Try BioShape today in addition to regular exercise and a reduced calorie diet.   You will notice:

  • Fat loss*
  • Appetite suppression*
  • Fewer cravings for sweets*
  • A healthier cholesterol balance*
  • More energy*
  • Greater strength*

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24Seven Life Essentials
It’s the best of the best - the core supplemental fuel that your body needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s quite possibly the best nutritional supplement ever developed - your optimal product for better health. (learn more)

Microhydrin Plus - as your body burns fat, you naturally release toxins and create compounds called free radicals. To combat this, it is vitally important to take a powerful antioxidant as you lose weight. Antioxidants that support the liver are particularly important.* Microhydrin Plus is the perfect solution…. (learn more)

Protivity - If you are working out to lose weight and firm up, Protivity can help you reach your goals. Protivity will help you maximize protein formation, build and repair muscle and connective tissue, increase strength and endurance, and support the reduction of unwanted body fat.*…. (learn more)

PureLife Water Purifier- Drinking plenty of pure water is key to losing weight and keeping it off, and the PureLife Water Purifier gives you the purest water for pennies a gallon! This easy-to-install purifier gives you great tasting water right at your kitchen sink and saves you money over drinking bottled water.…. (learn more)

Spirulina - this incredible SuperFood is packed with the high quality protein and nutrients you need to help you lose weight, and it can help curb your appetite.* This food can be taken as a helpful part of any weight loss program… (learn more)

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

View a List of All Weight Loss Products

Amazing Body Transformations!


Before  &  After

“I’ve lost 61 lbs and 24 inches from my 6’8” frame. I haven’t felt this good about my physical appearance in over 6 years.”

- Brent Buhl


Before  &  After

11 year old Jordaen lost 6” in his waist, 40 lbs… and regained his self-esteem.

- Jordaen

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