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year old, Publicly Traded Company
RBC Life Sciences was founded by a pioneer of aloe research and the developer of biomedical companies, Clinton Howard, PhD. RBC was the first company in network marketing to incorporate nanotechnology into its NanoCeutical™ products and is dedicated to providing better nutrition for better health. The World Headquarters are located in Irving, TX with a Canadian office in Vancouver.

Wellness, Weight Loss, Sports & Fitness
Three red hot markets and a complete line of highly targeted, incredibly effective products to fulfill the needs of those markets. Led by 24Seven Life Essentials, the 10 Days of Chocolate® Weight Loss System, and the powerful energy drink, Triple FX, we have three, powerful life-changing solutions. Our products are backed by science, recommended by Doctors, and consumed by people wanting to live longer, healthier lives.

150 Years of Corporate Management Expertise
Dr. Howard brought together a proven management team with unparalleled success in network marketing, then backed them with a research and development team that leads the industry with scientific breakthroughs.


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